Mission Statement 

     For a long time, I have wanted to a hear message from people all over the world who are  interested in creating true world peace, if they 'knew how'--i.e. Find a way to do it.  How many might possibly be 'out there' . . ?. . I have constantly wondered.

     My second thought and question has been  "Does Mind truly drive (transform) Matter?"  . . . As a long practising artist since age 3, I have naturally come to know and believe this to be so - - to whatever degree people 'like' (are connected by) Art - - they are thus affected, confirmed, and molded by the experience of it  . . . This was especially proven for me personally on a large scale as I was painting the "World Peace Now" Mural - - in those dynamic years, the local interest spawned, and its growth, and the dialogue it caused - - 'small'  sidewalk experience of grand depth -! . . . vague but vast stirrings from fellow strangers, that yes, E does equal MC2 . . and  more!!!   

     My third need was  now consequent  and obvious: How to quantify a programmed experiment in Peace . . . and hence the concept of a 'generator' program design for Art-for-Peace --it must be a free-form continuum, in a language designed 'in the genes', so-to-speak, and spoken by artists  . . . and addressed only to people's spontaneous desire to love, and the conviction to save, enjoy, and propagate our true selves - - and once more to recreate, through Art, the golden means to Joy that every living culture has tried to create and maintain . . .  and say 'no more War!!'
    So, all the energy and events that were uncovered in those days within the "World Peace Now" Mural, waited only to be QUANTIFIED . . . for me, in those seven years the Principle had already been proven.
    So now, how to collectively prove the Universal principle? Since E=MC2 is already accesible, through unified probabilities of quantum mechanics - - - (through US) ! . . . then we, in numbers, are the answer! - - Or rather, are a continuous equation, a self-fulfilling activation - - Art, and the Internet, were calling . . !  So here I am to ask - -  Are YOU World Peace Now . . . ? For we'll never know unless we try!! For you and I are the necessary equation.

<div>World Peace 2000 A.D. Poem</div>


   So I am here to briefly ask - - Are you interested enough to contact me - - & how many others world wide? -- who get excited over the immanent possibilities of exploring world paradigms at grass-roots, to participate in a goal-oriented life-to-art experience that evokes both the transformational meaning and value of 'togetherness' -- all delivered through attainable action! That is the drving force, the essence of Art-for-Peace. Therefore, to create world peace now requires  your energy, your motivation, dedication, and activity; and some small funds from each, to jump-start Phase I.  If you can understand this, I invite you and yours to follow up on the ideas and possibilities to be set forth in these web-pages, and lets SEE WHAT HAPPENS ... How far the numbers can quantify -- for only people can activate a Wave of Peace worldwide -- It's your World City -- it's your Planet!! -- and I am only here to initiate and coordinate programs and tabulate the scoring!

              I am Sincerely Yours,  your Cosmic Cheerleader,
              Lawrence (LS) Day Director
              E-mail Contact:   OR:

... Simply mail me your remarks,  art interests, contributions, & requests, as it puts your response on
our mailing list for future idioms.  And don't forget--:


All artwork on these pages are the Copyright of the artist L.S. Day, and are not to be reproduced or disseminated by any means for any purpose without the express written acknowledgement and permission of the artist and sole Copyright owner, L. S. Day.


              GRASS-ROOTS People from every country world-wide: patriots, parents, children, artists, University students, teachers, world citizens, farmers, & cab-drivers, who want to create a better, happier, less violent, more trusting, saner and more loving world ... and believe they CAN! --- with world-peace-in-art as the vehicle of message and content, we assume the necessity for world peace NOW, & with our collective voluntary contributions of time, energy, & funds, soundly supported by purpose & enthusiasm, seek to JOIN TOGETHER to create New PATHWAYS to make all our lives more meaningful, & the future more worthwhile for us & our families--as we grow Peace, based -in trust & giving--and no more war..!! Let governments take note!


              This 'WORLD HAPPENING' is an Experiment combining MOTIVATION & TECHNOLOGY & ART--It's is not totally planned, but depends, and intends, on YOU--to create a NEW Dynamic of People-powered channels dedicated to building & expanding WORLD PEACE, on a 'NOW' platform of Art-catalyzed experience (combining the 'in' with the 'out') to form a more synthesized life infrastructure, BEYOND most governments and their damaging and unnecessary war patterns.

              WHAT WE DO:
 * Find Participants world-wide.

* Raise World Peace consciousness & funds to program self-help worldwide.

* Exchange funds for art to raise initiating costs for 1st World City Special Editions ... approximate 2002 goal: $18,000 ....

* Publish the lst 7 World City Special Editions being planned in the next 2--3-months, to initiate lst City Programs of the WORLD WAVE.

Thus  * Create an Art-for-Peace continuum world-wide, locally self-sufficient, globally connected, & completely people-powered. as a WORLD WAVE.

Thus  * Establish self-endowed World Peace Now Centers in every collaborating city that agrees to particpate in the WORLD WAVE of PEACE.

Thus to     Share in created world peace art & artforms both locally & globally, in your community & via the Internet, to build the WORLD PEACE WAVE.

By exchanging multi-culturally art-based experiences in many forms, we find socializing dialogue & a greater understanding of each other is its own reward, in propagating the WORLD WAVE Of PEACE.

Thus we    Find new friends & possibilities world-wide..on the PEACE WAVE ...

See the creation of World Peace fund-raising pools that empower resolution of humanitarian urban needs, city-by-city.

See self-endowed World Peace Now Centers established to gather, project, & share as Internet & community-based programs all activities, & secure continuance of the Art-for-Peace cycle into each city's future.

• Particpate in growth of interaction, endowment, attendance, & art-for-Peace collecting with a goal of actualising World Peace Now as a 'happening,' based on our own accelerating quantified Peace energy, that BYPASSES dominating political governments ...

• Find Empowerment thru emancipated brotherly Love--the Most Renewing Renewable Energy that Humanity possesses & must Quantify in order to transform existing energy fields that disqualify true Peace ...


• Find Participants

•Exchange friendships, Art, and understanding

•Raise initiating funds thru existing Art Bank...

•To build Art-for-Peace funds to create and establish World peace Centers in each city

•Endow  World  Peace Centers at local universities:

    •To create New Education Seminars and non-                                              violent communication (educational study groups)

•Build/activate World Peace WAVE conciousness

•Establish World Peace Message Centers and Intra-City pages:

    •To organize Inner-City Events, Press, Promotion, Fundraising, Seminars, Study Groups, Exhibits, Music/Film and Festivities as the World Peace Wave grows
First World Cities chosen so far:

First 7 Cities to Publish:


Next Cities Listed:

* * YOUR CITY? * *

EVERY CITY needs a local Support Cell ... or many! If you would like to volunteer, to establish and help build a network of WORLD PEACE WAVE members, it will greatly enhance fundraising and later implementation of Internet and Community based Art-for-Peace Programs.

All artwork on these pages are the Copyright of the artist L.S. Day, and are not to be reproduced or disseminated by any means for any purpose without the express written acknowledgement and permission of the artist and sole Copyright owner, L. S. Day.

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