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Blackout! Tic Tac Toe tm
Segmented 2-sided Playing Formation
Price: $7.00/ea

Format: Wafer-thin travel Box. This favourite has been revolutionized by World Peace Games unique innovation. Two (or 4) players play opposite sides of the 9-segment playing formation pictured. Consecutive random selection of the drawpile cards creates unlimited play, and leads to highly animated visual interest, fast high-scoring play, and surprising fun. Score double or triple tic tac toes - play 'til you miss - win three ways - points, time, or "Blackout!" - i.e. a run on the board brings total elimination of your opponent.

Pyramids and Polar Bears tm
The Triangle Game With 2 Sides
Price: $7.00/ea

Format: Wafer Thin Travel Box. This second exiting embodiment of the unique 2-sided playing formation creates geometrical shapes and scores by deployment of the movable segments in its 2-sided game system. Unlimited play can be fast or methodical, but is always high-scoring and a mental challenge. Linear scoring is strongly augumented by multiple geometric scoring patterns that include mini- and maxi-triangles, hexagons, and other chosen shapes. Optional movement of segments throughout an outer perimiter of 30 additional play positions lends a strong element of logic and planning.

Simply put, these games are great for 'Home-schooling', or world playground fun!...They are the only 2-SIDED Playing Formation Games that can be found in the 5000-yr. history of world games---Anyone from 5 to 105 can FLIP these 2- sided playing formation segments, from the Random Number DrawPile, and then see you or your child's free logic & intuition unlock, to countless surprising multiple scores & geometric patterns that defy language barriers, & sharpen visual acumen in an endless matrix of fun & undulating delight, only daunted by sheer exhaustion of your time & energy..!..Then just slip them in their PORTABLE boxes & take them with you to your next 'freedom venue ' --across the street, across the world, or onto the Internet! Stay TUNED!

Available in BOXED SETS of 3 - 5 - & 15 or more of each game, or mixed odd or even sets - -
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*SEND an International Mate a game or two!! JOIN the WORLD PEACE GAME POOL to international destinations, of your choice..or anonymous random recipients . . . from our address pool; Your name & address goes with each individually packed Game To a Friend . . . At present, Game Rules are all in English . . . Volunteers are needed to translate to French, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese, & Arabic... etc.

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*For interested parties: These games are now available in PBS-TV format-to-combat our arch foe! - Intellectual laziness! . . Which is not adviseable in children OR adults . . !!

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P.S. : PINCUS THE POLAR BEAR sez . .  "Watch these pages for CARTOON Characters to COME . . !!
. . . . And don't forget to ANIMATE and GERMINATE! . ."