Mission Statement for World Cities
1. To raise a 'World peace Now' cosciousness of possibility, and funds by creating a GRASS-ROOTS network, through a CONTINUUM of Art-For-Peace programs, city-by-city, via the Internet and personal interaction -- thus to unify and prosper the benefits of mankind through self-endowed World Peace Centers and Art-For-Peace programs in each city; Utilize the Internet to instruct and prove a Universal principle through quantified energy and quantum mechanics: that continued multiplication of positive thought and ACTION immediately drives and TRANSFORMS Matter (at both ends of a receiving spectrum) ... ACCELERATES it ... and DEMONSTRATES that such a reiterated individual pattern enhances an accelerating OVER-WAVE of Consciousness that hyperdemensionalizes through probability ... and FAR BEYOND! ...the thought-desired objectives of our meagre intent ... due to the Life-Force's decisive reciteability of positive consciousness, and positive INNATE recyceleability ...
 IDEA   becomes   POSSIBILITY    becomes   ACTION   becomes   REPETITION

2. Create a Website of World Energy to ANIMATE, PROPAGATE, and PROVE the Universal principle E=MC2, as described, to carry through the purpose of of multiplying/quantifying world peace thought, world peace action, and world peace RESULT.
3. Utilize the infrastructure throughout any community -- (libraries, art galleries, parks, museums, schools, universities, theaters) --to shelter and host the vehicle Art-forms in all disciplines, to act as the catalyst to attenuate the art-for-peace cycle as a self-enhancing WORLD WAVE of peace consciousness and activitiy ... AWARENESS plus MOTIVATION plus INFRASTRUCTURE plus ART = A TRANSFORMING World Peace Experience Result!
4. To demonstrate, animate, and dramatise such said cycles through a continuum of art-forms, as the most efficient and rewarding method to germinate potenttiating human energy as a collective engendering socializing experience  to elevate consciousness ... something Art is best designed to do; this to the benefit of each city, their inhabitants, and, expansively, the planet! . . When and there the ART Plays . . . . Culture WORKS!
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This Website is our Invitation for you to Join the WORLD WAVE of PEACE and add its quantification that till drive major changes that we seek and intuit - - in other words, we urge YOU to get INTUIT . . !! Contact us via:
E-Mail: LaurenceArtFP@gmail.com ... Lawrence S. Day 805-798-2595 - (011) 805.646.9146
Or Write: L.S. Day, P.O. Box #1581  Oak View, CA, 93022, U.S.A.

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HOW  WE   DO    IT:
* * * * PHASE  I: * * * *

 The 23"X14" Mural Giclee print will be made available as a special limited edition Giclee white-border Museum Print, as well as a special Limited Edition World City Border Print that you can pre-order at $180./ea US , for the several World Cities so far contacted including SARAJEVO, PRAGUE, BARCELONA, NAPLES, BELFAST,  MIAMI CIRCLE, as well as JERUSALEM.

 This will engage PRE-LAUNCH, as a twin-wing financial assist to mandate the several World Cities so far contacted, & planned for contract ORBIT.

 All funds from the first 500 prints PRE-ORDERED from this wing will go toward this PRIMARY PUBLISHING of the lst 7 cities in lst limited quantities of only 50 Giclees, & the 1st run Phase of fund-raising lithographs.  Coupled with the 2nd wing of other individual ART-BANK artwork requests being received, we are now already in Phase I PRE-LAUNCH Fund-raising mode, with Pre-Publication orders for the large mural Giclee, as well as the Art-Bank, now being taken by E-Mail & deposit. (Please see SPECIAL WORLD CITY Edition details now being scheduled  for your World City of Choice print, to help raise these seeds-of-peace funds needed for MAJOR LAUNCH of CITY ORBITS..!..Into:

* * * * P H A S E I I : * * * *



            In this 2nd Phase of fund-raising, individual art purchases & investments will drive ultimate printing of the cooperating World Cities Mural Editions with ultimate goals of $2-3 millionUS per city to be donated to humanitarian needs within each city, as well as the self-endowed establishment of the envisioned WORLD PEACE NOW  CENTERS projected. Details of participation soon to come.


 **Once Pre-Launch is attained, this SATELLITE LAUNCH PHASE will continue to complete & QUANTIFY the large Worldwide publication of the several special World City lithographic editions augmented, as the booster- stage SOARS to establish the critical & contiguous World City PEACE CENTERS into ORBIT. **Once these World Peace STATIONS begin to orbit, a true Art-for-Peace Space-Time PLATFORM is manifested, so that

PHASE  III Can Begin to Expand:


 Phase III Art-for-Peace CONTINUUMS are self-endowed ongoing Peace Now Programs, to emanate from each World City Peace Centre, to be collectively shared in their respective orbits of growth. The QUANTIFYING of SPIRITUAL & FINANCIAL growth is not limited, as MOTIVATION & PARTICIPATION are assisted by a BUILDING OVER-WAVE of PEACE VELOCITY! It will manifest on this WEBSITE..!!

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Contact for your World City of Choice by E-Mail.
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