Message for America

                                               THE WORLD'S AMERICA

 This update for World Peace marks both the christening birth of this Website, & the synchronous dissolution of the blindfold from the eyes of Humanity that we all are witnessing, & feeling, & experiencing ... With the catastrophic & epochal events in New York--our dear New York--some see the sudden mystery of an unfolding peace alternative being borne of these violent events all across the world ... from a simultaneity of 'what if?' & its consequences.. As for my mission, thru the magnitude 10 of danger & horrific pain I see an inexorable light dawning into the hearts & minds of maybe a majority of humanity ... Great truths are delivered thru great adversity, & chaos, America, Europe,'
the Far East, Russia, China--all KNOW that We, America -- took the blow -- and we, thru our own blood & smoke, are seeing, feeling that -- for a GREATER PEOPLE -- War is NOT the only alternative ...

   Yes, we all need to feel a camaraderie right now, & a positive purpose -- that we each can make a life-saving additive difference in the outcome in question ...The simplicity & beauty of that lies within our true Selves; that simple & profound equation: E=MC2 --- is the essence of Art-for-Peace, & it is in our acknowledgement of our dependence on each other--for our better, or our worse--as it works both ways ...

  So must we not recognise the challenge now?  Like the pouring of molten bronze, we may together well-direct from that steely American resolve that is our God-given edge, for we were borne of Revolution, clear-sighted in earlier times, and we are meant to bear them, and prevail our way of life, in Liberty and Justice for all, as our saying goes ... Our greater capacity for Christ consciousness will flourish a more fruitful Justice -- what I call the New Justice -- for the sparks of that greater justice are flying from the anvil of freedom -- America! As in my mural, New Justice cometh, and She is only called by Right Action. Her coming from the true God-Spirit will be simultaneous with the greater conscience of all humanity & nations who now must stand up for tolerance and equality. From both sides of this event, we see a Standing Wave of War and Peace has been activated, and as a standing wave vibrating across, around, & Thru the Earth itself, we are seeing, hearing, & feeling it ... As our hearts & minds are being swept up in a revelation of either consequence- be it falsity or truth ... Is it Quantum War, or Quantum Peace?  Take your wisened choice ...

   I ask you to join me, in this Quantum quest for World Peace Now... We now see-- we must ACT on it--Not a moment to be lost!!  Energy,,,transferrance--prayers-- consciousness--ACTION--A Transformational act of Global Love is now HAPPENABLE!! --Who do we love?  Firstly, God, ourselves, & all who are loveable--and thus we reduce the possibility of evil--and then let the WAVE of Love's Truth we find _ take us to a better possibility for a happier, healthier outcome for all Humanity -- Simply engage, & PARTICIPATE in a WORLD WAVE of PEACE we can build together!

                       Thank you for BEING there!--and please DIALOGUE with this Website ... Make Art-
                       for-Peace a forum & a portal to this opportunity to accelerate ourselves into
                       a QUANTIFIED TIME of AGAPE Love, and its promised miracles.

                                               Yours in Peace Action,

                                                       Lawrence S. Day/your Co-Conspirator for World Peace NOW