The World Peace Now Mural:
(60ft x 17ft)


The original "World Peace Now" Mural was located and maintained by I, the artist in W. Los Angeles, CA. from its inception   in Jan 1990- thru Aug. 1999. Final completion of the very large work   was not accomplished until late Summer of 1993--It measured 60X17 ft.(18.2 meters X 5.1 meters high):(1020 sq.ft); executed in oil on concrete ground as an exterior public work of art; It faced East on the northwest corner of S. Sweetzer & W. 3rd St., & was accomplished without funding (other than that of the artist, muralist L.S. Day) over 10 years. As the foundation-stone for my unfolding International Art-for-Peace programs, it seeks to typify an inspiring esthetic model meant to engender and focus available quantifying world peace energy to raise consciousness & funds thru a series of special World City Mural Editions .....  The artist's contribution to expanding World Peace consciousness thus points to co-creation of an incipient domino effect, in a series of collaborating world cities, with culminating World Peace Now Centers worldwide, that will self -endow & self -evolve locally, with motivated local artists working to create a continuum and seed Prosperity of spiritualizing Peace activities for all participants & community enrichment ...
                                   In simpler terms--CELEBRATE LIFE..!!
                                    EXPERIENCE PEACE as ARTFORM..!!
                                        And ART As PEACE-FORM!!

  My mural as a double parallel of apocalyptic images can be seen either as revelation for the viewer, or as a visionary choice--or both ... The mural animates a psycho-spiritual platform that encompasses Past-Present-Future--a simultaneous construct of the multi-dimensional Torah of psychophysical change patterns availing themselves to expanding human conciousness. As we "find", traverse, & recreate these circular foundation-paths of universal energy (E=mc2) ... we continually will discover, opening to our Humanity, not simply the kinetic energy of the Now ... but it's multiplication --- thru the Inergy (intelligent energy) of Individual Directed Action! does it feel to be two parts of a 3-part equation?? ... Find In..!!--FIND OUT..!!
   The WPN Mural has a number of prophetic images & symbols in it's composition now being unveiled by successive human events-- the Fall of the Kremlin was imaged in Feb 1990-- also the number seven (7) appeared in the blue marble Earth (Earth's spiritual path number) quite unexpectedly for the artist!!...'Eve's MacIntosh apple of the Earth' signifies the 'Passing of Old Justice'; the 'Windows of Dimensionality' open, the 'many Worlds of Universe' wheel; the '5 Races of Man', the 'River of Life', & the 'River of Humanity' all call for the 'Coming of New Justice' & the 'Riderless Horse,' -- when 'Apathy, & 'The Slave' will waver, and fall;..the 'Girl On the Wall' shines on: as the '4 Elements' hover, the 7 Apostles, await the '4 Directions of Time', 'Nike's Victory', and 'Dichotomy's End'; ... as 'God's Time' sees 'old Justice Passing', and the 'Shower of Meteors' ... the 'Blue Race' sees 'New Justice Called', the 'Return of the Akashic Stream' and announces the 'Coming of Joy' on the 'Descending Scales of Harmony;' .. the 'Winds of Change' blow the 'Banners of World' they sound harmony of the Spheres?? These are all symbols to be found as offerings in the World Peace Now Mural, to be measured & weighed with Celestial Scales ... and your own soul's-eye-view of a Quantum Time for Peace.
                                                  Lawrence (L.S.)Day/Muralist
                                                                "World Peace Now"
                                                                                  Nov 8, 1998

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